You can do it too!

Victorious Spiritual Warfare

So Easy Grandma Can Do It

Struggling in your walk of faith? Wondering where and how do I find victory?

Trying to understand spiritual warfare, what it is, and why it is important?

In Spiritual Warfare: So Simple Grandma Can Do It, Maureen Broderson provides us with a practical and authentic Biblical response to fight not just for victory, but from the position of victory Christ secured on Calvary. Rooting spiritual warfare in scripture, Maureen shows us what is real and what is true enabling us to easily recognize the counterfeit. Detailing easy-to-follow steps, including specific prayers, the author walks us through a winning spiritual warfare strategy so simple anyone can do it.

"The Lord's strategic battle plan has always been to empower and equip each one of us to live life with the confident assurance that through Christ, we are more than conquerors." - Maureen Broderson

Praise for Victorious Spiritual Warfare: So Simple, Grandma Can Do It!

I would like to offer a strong endorsement for Maureen Broderson’s new book, “Victorious Spiritual Warfare.” We live in a world that is so complex, so chaotic, and so broken, but we have often propped people up, and put bandaids on their injuries when nothing but spiritual surgery will bring healing and help.  Maureen communicates a powerful message to liberate those trapped by their current journey.  Many are unaware and her insightful teaching will bring light where there has been darkness, freedom where there has been bondage, and hope where there has been helplessness.  She is an experienced practitioner and her words and counsel can be trusted!

Glenn Burris, Jr.
Former President of The Foursquare Church, US
Clear, engaging, accessible.  Those three words came to mind when I read Maureen Broderson’s lucid guide to deliverance.  Readers will recognize themselves in her stories, and will be able to see themselves following the path that she lays out.  These principles transcend cultural boundaries, as I have found them as effective in Vietnam and China as they are in my home church.
Bruce Garner, DMin., M.Div.
Missions Pastor, CenterPoint Church, Burton, MI
Maureen Broderson has penned a timely new book on an often misunderstood subject, spiritual warfare.  Her keen insight strips away the fog of confusion and brings into focus the all too real spiritual forces of evil who try to keep us bound from living the life God has prepared for us to live.  Most importantly, she provides the reader a practical guide that shows, step by step, how to use the power that God has given us to defeat the enemy and to live a life of freedom and victory.  Her book is clear, concise, and shows us that evil is powerless when the good are unafraid.

Jim Goss, Sr. Vice President, INSP Creative Services,
    On-air Promotion and Short Form Programming;
Director Creative Production & Promotion,
NBC Television Network, retired.

"Maureen Broderson takes the subject of “Spiritual Warfare” off the shelves of theology books and onto the coffee table of every believer.  Her easy, understandable, and balanced communication of this oft-misunderstood part of the Christian life is encouraging and empowering."

Sean Appleton, Senior Pastor,
Hope Chapel, Lancaster, California