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Much of the world today seems chaotic, complex, and broken. As a result, many people find themselves feeling hopeless and trapped by their circumstances. Over the last 40 years, I’ve conducted seminars, retreats, classes, and workshops in colleges, seminaries, and churches worldwide, presenting Biblical truths and principles that offer participants a spiritual empowerment experience grounded in Scripture that will transform their lives. Creating a safe and loving atmosphere, I reveal the reality of the war waged in the spiritual realm and invite my audience to embrace the strength and enablement of the Holy Spirit to discover their own walk of spiritual freedom and the victory God intends for each of us to live in.  

Responsive to my host’s unique desires and needs, I offer a variety of individual teachings, 1, 2, or 3-day Seminars, Retreats, and Workshops, related to the vast topic of spiritual warfare. Simply complete the form below, and let’s begin the conversation to investigate how I might come alongside you to inform, train, and equip those God has entrusted you to serve.

See what people are saying...

"Maureen is so personable and has a gentle yet direct way of delivering God’s word.  She was the keynote speaker for our ‘Flourish’ day retreat and her message (during this season of the pandemic) was timely and encouraging.  Grounded in Scripture, she directed us to fix our eyes on Jesus and to spend intimate time with the Father so we would be able to weather whatever storms and trials come our way, having already deeply rooted ourselves in Him.  The graphics she chose to represent her message were relatable and vibrant.  Her love for the Lord and her communion with Him was evident, and we were the appreciative recipients of the fruit she shared with us.  

I would encourage any leader looking for a thoughtful, experienced, and knowledgeable speaker to consider Maureen.  She listens to the Lord, desiring to give the word He wants the participants to hear, and she is open to what the leader has to say.  You won’t be disappointed."

Pastor June Koukle,
Hope Chapel del Rey
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Pastor Maureen Broderson is an anointed, Spirit-led teacher who carries a passionate heart for equipping God’s people. With a deep commitment to biblical truth, she leads believers in understanding and walking in the authority and freedom found in Jesus. Pastor Maureen ministered to our congregation with wisdom and clarity, using humor and personal transparency that was winsome, engaging, and pointed us straight to Jesus. She is a gift to the Body of Christ!

Jen Lord
Lead Pastor
Restoration Church
Valencia, CA 91355
Sitting under the teaching ministry of Maureen Broderson is an invitation to broaden your understanding of the personhood of God. The way she enthusiastically challenges you while at the same time emphasizing the power resident in each of us as we look to Jesus is inspirational; it's transformational. I am aware of her countless hours in the Word in preparation for her times of ministry. The Holy Spirit clearly speaks through her as she convinces her audience to go deeper and walk in the power of the Word.

Power is the impartation I receive from Maureen's teaching. Power, the love of God, and the compelling nature of His Spirit for us. Her tone, stories, analogies, and the historical background that she brings to the text help illustrate the Word's power. Powerful, confident, compelling love for Christ describes Maureen's approach to teaching the Gospel. If you haven't read her book, Victorious Spiritual Warfare, So Simple Grandma Can Do It,  taken one of her classes, or attended an event where she was speaking, I encourage you to do so; it's time well spent in the Word of God.
Charisse Bell, MPT
Founder and Executive Director
Restored by His Grace

Recapture God's call on your life...

Taken from the pages of my book, I share that my heart is for each of you "to discover, or perhaps recapture, God's call on your life to rise and assume your rightful identity in the Spirit.  The Lord of Heaven's Armies has anointed and appointed you as His agent, deployed to conquer your real enemy as Jesus Himself did.  Together may we, on behalf of Jesus Christ and in the miraculous power of His name, dismantle, destroy, and overcome every obstacle that would seek to hinder us from banishing the darkness in our own lives and sharing His light and love with a deeply hurting world.  More than ever before, it is a message of hope the world desperately needs." Victory can and will be yours, and I would cherish the opportunity to walk with you in teaching and training as you discover the triumphant champion God created you to be.