This is my story.

My heart breaks for the “prisoner unaware,” those described in Scripture as having been taken captive by the darkness of the adversary to do his will (see 2 Timothy 2:26). My passion is to see believers walk in the fullness of God’s intention and purpose for their lives and the freedom that Jesus gave His life to ensure. I believe the call on my life is to disciple, guide, and teach people to live from the foundation of God’s Word. I equip followers of Christ to fulfill their ministries and successfully and victoriously engage the encounters of everyday life in the Spirit of God, on behalf of Jesus Christ, and in the miraculous power of His name, to overcome every obstacle that would seek to hinder them from doing so.

As a Pastor, John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, and keynote speaking, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of Scripture. In addition to the extensive training I ongoingly receive as a certified member of The John Maxwell Team, I have earned a Master’s degree from The King’s University in Los Angeles. I went on to serve as a member of the adjunct faculty at The King’s, teaching Practical Theology, Ministry, Leadership Development, and Counseling. I have earned my Certification as an Accredited Trainer and Human Behavior Consultant with Personality Insights, Inc., primarily utilizing the DISC Model of Human Behavior. Additionally, I am an ordained minister in the Foursquare Church. I serve as a member of the Pastoral Support Team and Servant’s Council at our church in Los Angeles, California, where I provide Training and Biblical Equipping Seminars. For over three decades, my husband and I also served with Cleansing Stream Ministries and the Cleansing Discipleship Seminar. We have maintained numerous leadership roles, including the CSM Board of Directors, and have ministered here in the U.S. and overseas.

In my role as an author, I have published a new book this year entitled Victorious Spiritual Warfare: So Simple, Grandma Can Do It. Within its pages, I take the oft-misunderstood topic of spiritual warfare from the seminary library bookshelves and onto the coffee table of every follower of Christ.  I lay out God’s incredible plan for His people to live lives in His glorious victory.  Here’s the link to my book:
Contact Me. I look forward to coming alongside to assist you on your journey to
increased personal growth and living the victorious life God intends for you.